Save on healthy, sustainable food at ALDI

Want to save money on healthy, sustainable food? Check out ALDI’s wonderful SimplyNature, Fit & Active and liveGfree lines.

Over the past few months, I’ve been comparing the quality and prices of products from ALDI, Trader Joe’s, Giant Eagle and Whole Foods. I estimate that I’ve saved about 30-40% of my total grocery bill by purchasing approximately 80% of my groceries at ALDI.

In addition to an impressive organic produce section which often includes baby spinach, spring lettuce mix, chopped kale, apples, carrots, grapes, oranges, potatoes, peppers and avocados, ALDI offers these everyday brands:


ALDI’s SimplyNature brand features natural or organic staples such as frozen fruit, almond milk, sprouted multigrain baked goods, coffee, flax seed, cheese (organic), eggs (organic, cage-free), nut butters, fruit spreads and spices as well as treats such as tortilla chips, salsa and agave nectar.

While not strictly whole foods, ALDI’s SimplyNature organic boxed macaroni and cheese and organic frozen pizza are my daughter’s new favorites.

Fit & Active

Whole grain waffles, cereal and energy bars, rice cakes and 100-calorie snack packs are just a few of the huge assortment of Fit & Active offerings at ALDI.


The extensive liveGfree line includes one of the best brown rice spagetti’s I’ve tried, as well as a selection of crackers, baked goods, etc. that just might surpass that of your usual large grocery store chain.

Many of their other product lines, such as Savoritz and Southern Grove, have healthy offerings as well.

Most of us know that ALDI has great prices, but I’ve been surprised at how committed they are to healthier, more sustainable foods. Still not convinced? Check out the Dietician’s Picks on their website.



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