Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen Tools: What’s Your Favorite?

These tools that make it easier to make, transport and store healthy foods.


See Eating Green Kitchen Tools.

Top Choice: Vitamix

My Vitamix is the most heavily used tool in my kitchen. They’re costly, but I believe that they’re the best value in high-powered blenders. Many people claim their Vitamix blenders have worked well for decades. In my experience, they really stand behind their 7-year warranty. Recently, my heavily used blender developed a leak. I called the company and, even though I had not properly registered my appliance, they sent me a replacement container (complete with blade assembly and lid) for free. Also, unlike most other blenders, there’s no need to remove the blade assembly to clean the machine. Most days, I simply rinse out the container and wipe it down.

When I was getting started, I used my ordinary blender until it died (in about 3 months). Most blenders simply can’t handle making smoothies with vegetables and frozen fruits on a daily basis. And it’s very difficult and time-consuming to make nut and seed-based sauces and sorbets with a regular blender.

There are many different models of Vitamix blenders. If you plan to leave it on your countertop (and there are many beautiful models that would add to your decor), I suggest you look for a “countertop” or low-profile model. 

Reusable Produce Bags

Do you hate wasting all of those plastic bags at the grocery store, but can never find good produce bags? I’ve finally found a good set. I find that my produce lasts longer in the refrigerator in these absorbent bags. When they’re soiled, simply throw them in with any load of laundry (darks or lights). The XL bags are big enough for bunches of greens.

Glass Storage Containers

I always have the right size of container with this set. And I haven’t had a leak yet!

Citrus Squeezer

Many plant-based recipes require lemon and lime juice. You’ll want one that extracts the maximum amount of juice and is easy to clean.

Immersion Hand Blender

Great for soups and baked potatoes.


Many plant-based recipes call for fruit zest or grated garlic.


There are many different kinds of spiralizers available. This very basic model is great for quick and easy zucchini spirals.

Handy Lunch Box

Makes packing healthy lunches easier. Convenient compartments. Strap options. Be sure to buy an extra for when it gets left at school or work.

Thermos Food Jar

Good thermos containers make packing healthy lunches much easier. Having a thermos opens up a range of lunch options way beyond sandwiches. Use them for vegetable dips, hot leftovers, soup, Hot Cocoa, cold Chocolate Milk. This one is a good size for lunch boxes, and it’s not too expensive (which is important since it will inevitably be left at school or work). There are many styles to make lunch fun for both kids and grown-ups.

Liability Note

We’ve chosen these tools because they’re the best we’ve found on Amazon. We’re constantly updating our recommendations based on availability, so we can’t personally vouch for these items. If you purchase them after linking to Amazon, they’ll send us a small percentage. Please contact Amazon or the manufacturer with any return, quality or liability issues.

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  1. Wow, this page has lots of gadgets found in my kitchen! I love my Vitamix, The glass storage containers are wonderful. I love the set that I have because they are all square or rectangular. This helps me to maximize my refrigerator space.

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