Top 7 Healthy Recipe Websites


The Eating Green website offers familiar, comfort food recipes that are:

  • Vegetable & Fruit Based (with intact grains, seeds & nuts)
  • Minimally Processed
    • Free from Refined Sugars & Concentrated Sweeteners (natural or otherwise)
    • Flour-Free
    • Oil-Free (except for negligible amounts of spray oils)
    • Paleo Friendly (although legumes and intact grains are included)
  • Gluten-Free (as an option)

These guidelines are very similar to those recommended by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Many nutritarian recipe sites are cropping up, and they’re definitely worth a look.  Websites such as these offer healthy recipes, other websites offer delicious recipes, but it’s hard to find websites that provide recipes that are both healthy and delicious. These are the best I’ve found:

Oh She Glows: Glow from the Inside Out. This is my all-time favorite source for vegan recipes with a health conscious slant. This popular sight features thousands of irresistible recipes and beautiful photography.

Engine 2 Diet Recipes. Former meat and potato lovers will love these hearty recipes free from animal products, refined sugars, white flour and oil. 

Healthy Recipe Collection at Whole Foods. This comprehensive recipe source has handy search tools, making it easy to find recipes for special diets. 

Plant-Powered Kitchen Recipes. This site offers inspired whole food vegan recipes that the whole family will love.

Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian Recipes. Over 1,500 nutritarian vegan and non-vegan recipes for members. Featured recipes are free.

Vegan Recipes at Jamie Jamie Oliver provides vegan recipes that foodies will love.

Forks Over Knives Recipes. This comprehensive recipe source offers recipes for those on a low fat diet free from animal products, sugars, white flour and oils.





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