Eating Out

Best Fast Food & Takeout Choices


Despite our best laid plans, we sometimes have to make-do with fast food or take-out offerings. When all else fails, look for these healthier options.


Best Overall Family Restaurant Takeout

Panera Bread

Cheesecake Factory


Both Panera Bread and the Cheesecake Factory offer enticing, satisfying, seasonal salad and soup options.


Burger & Sandwich Joints

Top Choice: Subway


Oatmeal. (Hold the sugar.)

Whole grain subs with fresh vegetables and guacamole.

Baked potato side.

Salad bar vegetables with light dressing, beans, seeds, nuts and dried fruit.

Side salads with light dressing.

Apple slices, applesauce or fruit cup sides.


Convenience Stores

Top Choice: Sheetz


Fresh fruit.

Dipping vegetables packets.

Vegetable salads.

Sunflower seeds.


V-8 juice.


Coffee Shops

Top Choice: Starbucks


Oatmeal with dried fruit & nuts.

Packets of dried fruit and nuts.

Fresh fruit.


Mexican Fast Food

Top Choice: Chipotle


Salad with beans, brown rice, corn salsa, salsa and guacamole.

Side of beans and salsa.


Chinese Takeout

Top Choice: P.F. Chang’s


Buddha’s Feast, Buddha’s Delight or other vegetable and tofu dishes. Ask to have them steamed instead of stir fried, and substitute light soy sauce for the sauce.


Japanese Takeout


Brown rice vegetable sushi.

Seaweed salad.

Edamame side.


Mediterranean, Indian & Takeout


Ask for the bean and vegetable dishes with the least oil.



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What’s your favorite healthy fast food or takeout choice? Leave a Reply below.



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