Do I really need a high-powered blender?

When I was getting started, I used my ordinary blender until it died (in about 3 months). Most blenders simply can’t handle making smoothies with vegetables and frozen fruits smoothies on a daily basis. And it’s very difficult and time-consuming to make nut and seed-based sauces and sorbets with a regular blender.

High-powered blenders are costly, but my Vitamix Professional Series 300 is by far the most heavily used appliance in my kitchen.

There are many different models of Vitamix blenders. If you plan to leave it on your countertop (and there are many beautiful models), I suggest you look for a “countertop” or low-profile model. 

Liability Note

We’ve chosen these blenders because they’re the best we’ve found on Amazon. We’re constantly updating our recommendations based on availability, so we can’t personally vouch for these items. If you purchase them after linking to Amazon, they’ll send us a small percentage. Please contact Amazon or the manufacturer with any return, quality or liability issues.


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